Southend Osteopath Adam Sealey

Adam Sealey graduated in 2012 from Oxford Brookes University with a Master of Osteopathy degree and now practices in both the Southend-on-Sea and St. Albans areas.

The Master of Osteopathy programme is an option designed for those who wish to achieve an enhanced competence profile in osteopathic research and within specific specialist areas of osteopathic clinical practice. Master of Osteopathy graduates will have developed greater capabilities in dealing with clinical uncertainty, research methodology and specialist osteopathic practice when compared to the Bachelor of Osteopathy Degree.

Adam’s Master’s dissertation, entitled “To what extent is iliotibial band syndrome affected by hip and knee kinematics in male runners?” was awarded a distinction and subsequently selected to be presented at the 9th International Conference on Advances in Osteopathic Research

Adam is strongly motivated, dedicated and passionate about providing care to his patients through management approaches that incorporate a variety of diagnostic and treatment modalities within the scope of osteopathic medicine.

This motivation has lent itself to the continual development of his academic and practical capabilities as a means to better serve his patients. Consequently Adam is additionally fully certified and SCTF approved in Cranial Osteopathy by the Rollin E Becker Institute.

Cranial osteopaths are trained to feel a very subtle, rhythmical shape change that is present in all body tissues known as the ‘involuntary motion’ or the ‘cranial rhythm’. This movement extremely subtle and therefore it takes practitioners with a very finely developed sense of touch to feel it. As tension in the body disrupts the cranial rhythm, cranial practitioners compare what the rhythm is doing to what they consider ideal. This shows them what stresses and strains the body is under at present, and what tensions it may be carrying as a result of its past history.

As a keen martial artist for a number of years Adam is well versed in sports injuries. In order to better manage such complaints he has received additional training in Kinesio taping, a system that involves the strategic positioning of elasticated strips of tape on the body to reduce pain and dysfunction, whilst boosting recovery and overall muscle performance.

Since starting work as an osteopath, Adam has successfully built up a loyal client base at a multidisciplinary practice in Hertfordshire. Adam is very pleased to be practicing as an osteopath in Southend and to have joined The Queens Road Clinic and its team.


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