Southend Osteopath Anthony Larholt, is a member of the British Osteopaths and has been established in Southend with the Queens Road Clinic providing osteopathy for the population of Essex for over 40 years. You can find Anthony’s full biography here.

The practice has always concentrated on giving efficient, effective and above all friendly service to everyone who contacts us. It is vitally important to us that we give everyone the best advice we can, even if this means that we send them elsewhere for investigation and treatment of problems that are better treated by a non-Osteopathic approach.

Osteopathic Treatment

Our approach to the osteopathic treatment of patients is, as with all Osteopathy, patient centred. This means that not only is the individual patient in control of their treatment but also that each patient is assessed individually and diagnosis and treatment are specific to that individual. This means that every patient will get slightly different treatment and will have their treatment programme tailored to their specific needs and preferences. For example, we are frequently asked for sheets with exercises, we do not do this, any patient requiring exercises will be taught them during the treatment session so that the exercises they are given are specific to their needs and abilities.

Chiropractor or Osteopath?

The question of whether to choose a chiropractor or osteopath is covered in greater detail here but briefly osteopathy is concerned with treatment of the patient as a whole, so in many cases we will look to discuss postural, lifestyle and in some cases emotional problems that may be affecting the patient’s well-being. We will always try to help our patients in any way that they need as it is vital to their well-being that they are relaxed and happy both in body and in mind.

If you are looking for a Southend Osteopath then telephone us on 01702 348221 for free, friendly advice and be assured that if we cannot help you we will do our best to refer you to the most appropriate person to help with your condition.