Summer Gardening – How to Avoid Back Injury

Gardening Without Getting A Back Injury With the hope that the long, cold and wet weather might now be coming to an end I would like to share a few thoughts on ways that you can do the jobs that you need to in the garden¬† with a reduced likelihood that you will get a […]

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Southend Sciatica


Sciatica As an Oseopath in Southend Sciatica is a problem that I frequently come across. Sciatica literally means pain down the distribution of the sciatic nerve. This runs from the lower back, through the buttock, down the back of the leg to the foot and supplies sensation and muscle control to the lower leg, foot […]

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Neck Pain Southend

Neck Pain – What You Need to Know

Neck Pain As a Southend Osteopath neck pain is one of the conditions that I am often called upon to treat. Many people in all walks of life and at any age can suffer from neck pain. As with any problem connected with the spine there are different ways under which it can be categorised […]

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Back Pain Southend

Back Pain

Back Pain In this article on back pain Southend Osteopath Anthony Larholt looks at the causes and cures of the ailment that causes misery to millions of people in Britain every year, Back pain is the biggest single cause of loss of time from work in the UK with some 60 million man hours lost […]

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Arthritis Remedies For A Much More Active Life

Most, if not all, sufferers of arthritis have been exposed to the medical pills, ointments and treatments for arthritis.¬† All of which might or might not have worked to varying degrees and so searching around for arthritis remedies that will bring some relief has become central to their lives, which is no surprise really because […]

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